Urumqi creates "Silk Road" International Trade and Logistics Cente


The reporter learned from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region business hall that the development plan of Xinjiang trade and logistics industry (2015 - 2020) will serve as the basis and guidance for the development of the trade and logistics industry in Xinjiang during the "13th Five-Year" period.

The plan points out that by the end of 2020, the backbone of Xinjiangundefineds business logistics is basically formed, and the international trade and logistics center, based on Xinjiang, facing the whole country, aggregated around the world, through the Silk Road and radiating Asia and Europe.

In terms of spatial layout, Xinjiang business logistics nodes consist of centers, important pivots and basic nodes, including one center, five pivot points and multiple nodes.

Urumqi is this "center". In the planning, Urumqiundefineds development position is "the international trade and logistics center of the Silk Road Economic Belt", "the international trade and logistics hub for Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Russia", "national circulation node city".

Relying on the status of the capital and the advantages of economic and trade resources gathering, the development opportunity of the national circulation node city and the national logistics node city is made. The goal of Urumqi is to build the international trade logistics center city, which is connected with the mainland, the foreign countries, and the whole Xinjiang and Asia and Europe.

To build a "central" city, Urumqi needs to build a complete business logistics system. Urumqi will focus on developing international logistics, airport logistics, agricultural products logistics, cold chain logistics, urban distribution, emergency logistics, port logistics, bonded logistics, and so on.

In the next five years, Urumqi will implement a number of business and logistics infrastructure projects, including promoting the construction of large logistics parks, such as urapor international logistics base, building the core area of the international textile and clothing trade center, improving the trading and logistics capacity of the large agricultural products market, and promoting the construction of the urban logistics distribution center.

At the same time, Urumqi will improve the comprehensive service function of trade and logistics information, including the development and construction of regional public logistics distribution information platform, strengthening the construction of information statistics and industry standard system, the compilation and release of the Urumqi trade logistics index, with large data, the Internet leads the industry development.

In order to maintain the vitality of the industry, Urumqi will continue to innovate. In 13th Five-Year, Urumqi will build an airport based Urumqi air logistics system, encourage the joint development of e-commerce logistics and cross-border e-commerce, support the development of the joint distribution project in Longhai and other cities, and promote Haihong and new Federation. Jiuding and other agricultural products cold chain logistics projects support the development of logistics services outsourcing to Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia.

In addition, Urumqi will also carry out the demonstration and establishment of the standardization of trade and trade logistics, the construction of the demonstration city of cross-border e-commerce, the planning of comprehensive logistics parks, the role of the central radiation, and the promotion of the Xinjiang trade and trade logistics.

Considering Xinjiang regional transportation, urban function, consumption demand, industrial layout, product flow and flow and so on, build a number of different levels of trade logistics nodes, through the Silk Road and trade logistics north, middle and South three major channels, cultivate the north slope of Tianshan, the south slope of Tianshan, South Xinjiang area, the three commercial logistics function area, construction from urban and rural distribution Network, collection and transportation and multimodal transport network, logistics facilities network, trading and information platform network of trade logistics network system, combined to form a "point line and surface network" interwoven, reasonable layout of the Xinjiang trade and logistics industry space structure.

One center: refers to the city of Urumqi<br/>Five fulcrum: Kashi, Yining, Korla, bole and Hami.

Multi node: Aletai city and other regional trade logistics center and important trade logistics city (10); Dushanzi district and other important transportation hub nodes and traditional trade and logistics heavy town (23); ara mountain pass and other land ports (17)Line: the three main channels of the Silk Road trade and trade logistics Relying on the construction of the three major channels in the South and Central South of the Silk Road, and combining the functional positioning of the important cities on the Xinjiang section of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the characteristic resources and the dominant industries, the three major trade logistics channels of Xinjiang are constructed.

North Channel: the main development of cattle and sheep and other characteristics of agricultural and livestock products logistics, coal logistics, bulk mineral products logistics, port logistics, etc.

Channel: focus on developing petrochemical industry logistics, emergency logistics, warehousing and logistics, e-commerce logistics, etc.

South Channel: around the "east fruit and fruit delivery" strategy,

the development of special agricultural products logistics, etc.

Face: three major trade logistics functional areas<br/>The trade and logistics area of the north slope of Tianshan Mountain: Urumqi Changji Economic Zone, Urumqi Turpan Economic Zone, Turpan Hami Economic Zone, Shihezi Manasi Sha Wan Economic Zone, Kuitun Karamay Wusu Economic Zone, Bole ara Yamaguchi, Jinghe economic zone and Yining Huo Cheng Qapqal economic zone; south slope of Tianshan Mountain Business logistics area: East Korla West to Akesu; South Xinjiang business logistics area: Kashi area, Hotan Prefecture and kirisl Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture.

Network: network system

The four major network systems of Xinjiang trade logistics are constructed, based on China Unicom and service trade logistics nodes, channels and regions, relying on the backbone of trade and logistics, using urban and rural distribution, multimodal transport, electronic commerce and other modern commercial logistics.

Since ancient times, Xinjiang has been the major trade and trade town in Asia and Europe and the large channel of logistics in China and foreign countries. The unique natural and humanistic conditions, the rapid promotion of economic and social development, and the gradual improvement of the network of commercial logistics facilities have laid a solid foundation for the development of the trade and logistics industry in Xinjiang. During the "13th Five-Year", the Xinjiang trade and trade logistics will describe Letundefineds first look at these keywords in the Xinjiang business logistics industry development plan (2015 - 2020).

Key words of international logistics<br/>Bright spot reading: building a large international logistics channel for Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Europe and China and Pakistan Economic Corridor, China Mongolia and Russia economic corridor, China Mongolia and Russia economic corridor, with the emphasis on strengthening the favorable turning point of Chinaundefineds Western Railway Construction, supporting the construction of the Lanxin railway freight line, the Urumqi railway freight station and the container center station. International railway project construction, promote Xinjiang - Central Asia, Xinjiang - Russian International Freight classes and Xinjiang Georgia international class regular operation, the timely opening of Xinjiang Turkey, Xinjiang Iran, Xinjiang Belarus and other international freight classes, promote Urumqi, Kashi, Yining, Korla, Xinjiang and other cities to increase domestic flights density Degree.

Key words international multimodal transport

Light spot reading: relying on Urumqi, Kashi, Yining and other urban comprehensive transportation system, in key railway freight yard, port, airport construction container transit station, freight transport station, standard storage facilities, promoting the construction of transit hub, support Urumqi integration of existing railway special line, innovation of Customs multimodal transport supervision mode, construction The European international freight transport class is a collection and marshalling center to facilitate the free replacement of railway, highway and aviation transport tools, allowing the free sea, land, air, iron, and postal goods to carry out unpacking and collage operations at the Urumqi multimodal transport customs supervision center, and to build a logistics base for the West import and export freight transport collection center and the public, iron and air supporting combined transport.

Key words of Xinjiang LU Hong Kong<br/>Highlights: the implementation of the international road port construction project, the acceleration of the Urumqi Economic Development Zone Planning and construction of international land road port, the construction of railway hub station, highway freight center, port and free trade zone, to build the advanced information technology platform as the support, the deep integration of the Xinjiang land and port projects under the line and line.

Key words international logistics parkHighlights: key projects include the Silk Road Economic Zone International logistics hub, Urumqi urapor international logistics park, Kashi far side International Logistics Industrial Park, Kashi air international logistics park, Yining international logistics park, Huoerguosi Economic Development Zone International Logistics Park, Korla economic and Technological Development Zone bonded logistics park District, ChangJi Railway Station international logistics park, Turpan Jiaohe international logistics park, Jinghe international railway integrated logistics park in BBO, Hami area international comprehensive logistics park, Tacheng area taxi international trade logistics park, foreign trade logistics base, etc.

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